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Effluent Water Recycling Plant

Zero Liquid Discharge

A Treatment combination of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Treatments for complete recycling of water within the facility by implementing Evaporation and Drier to recover 100%water and discharge the contaminants in Solid form to Govt. registered Solid handling bodies.

Water recovery and recycling

High efficiency

Cost Effective treatment

Zero Liquid Discharge: Services
Tertiary treatment plant

Treatment and Recovery

One of our projects housing the Primary, secondary and tertiary treatment plants. Our design ensures adequate space and ventilation yet considering compactness of the plant. 

We also take precision in designing proper workspace layout and drainage to keep the plant area clean and tidy.


Multiple Effect Evaporator

Our Specially designed MEE are most suitable for Waste water treatment plants as they work in the concept of climbing film evaporation. Our MEE are highly cost effective in terms of operation cost with high steam efficiency and recovery.

Our VLS- Vapour Liquid Separator are specially designed by our director for high effectiveness and efficiency in separation.

We provide various models with number of stages as per your requirement.

Types: Normal/Vacuum 

Stages: 1/2/3 upto 7


MEE and Vertical ROtary drier

Vertical Rotary Drier - VRD

The brine from the MEE are usually the part where a successful ZLD efficiency relays upon. 

Our State of the art VRD are highly efficient in converting these brine into Solids with very minimal Steam consumption and energy. 

Simple yet effective system has been our style when it comes to VRD.

Zero Liquid Discharge: Products
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