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Generic Filtration

WTP -Water Treatment Plant filters vary from FRP to MS based on capacity requirement. 


  1. PSF - Pressure Sand Filter

  2. ACF - Activated Carbon Filter

  3. DMF - Dual Media Filter

  4. MGF - Multi Grade Filter

Min Capacity: 10KLD


TYPE: Manual/Automatic

Application: Commercial complex/Hospitals/Gated Communities/Industries etc.,

Water treatment filters

Water Softener

Our Softeners are designed to provide the softened water as per industrial standards.

Industrial process requires soft water for prevention of scaling in process equipment, boiler/cooling tower etc.

We provide Water Softeners for such requirements.

Min Capacity: 10KLD


Type: Manual/Automatic

Application: Commercial complex/Hospitals/Gated Communities/Industries, Laundry Industries etc.,


Iron Removal Treatment

We provide a range of Iron removal filtration plant based on low and high Iron content.

For Low Iron content: We provide Pressurized Iron removal filter with special media to remove the iron from water. 

For High Iron content:

Our Specially designed Iron Removal treatment plants houses Forced Draft Oxidation process which helps in effectively removing the iron when compared to the conventional sprinkler treatment which requires huge space. 

Min Capacity: 10KLD


TYPE: Maual

Application: Commercial complex/Hospitals/Gated Communities/Industries etc.,

Oxidation tower for Iron removal


The latest and most trending membrane technology which eliminates TSS and other contaminants under the scale of <0.1 microns like viruses and Bacteria.

Industrial requirement on water for utilizing in process and manufacturing(raw material) requires water with high purity. 

we provide UF plants for industrial Utility and process water production.

Min Capacity: 10KLD

TYPE: Automatic

Application: Commercial complex/Hospitals/Gated Communities/Industries, petrochemical/chemical Industries etc.,

Ultrafiltration Plant
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