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Free Ammonia may be tricky being a monovalent Component when it comes to Waste water treatment and recycling. Our experts have designed a system to solve this problem....

Municipal, industrial, and agricultural activities generate Free Ammonia that discharges into environmental resources.

The excessive accumulation of ammonium that is discharged into water can cause serious ecological problems, such as:

· The accelerated eutrophication of lakes and rivers,

· The depletion of dissolved oxygen

· Toxicity in fish and other aquatic animals in the water body.

The removal of ammonia from processes or waste effluents is required, due to its toxicity. In major industries, Free Ammonia handling is a critical factor when it comes to waste water recycling with Reverse Osmosis. Our R&D team with various lab trials has successfully designed and installed a system known as Ammonia Stripper to address the Free Ammonia present in waste water.

To remove the ammonia out of the wastewater, air stripping of ammonia laden water is proven technology. The ammonia or NH3 is first stripped from the wastewater in a stripping tower.

The preheated ammonia-laden water enters the stripper on top, a counter flow gas stream comes in from the bottom of the NH3 stripper. pH Correctives are added for a correct pH value, which will allow the ammonia to be separated or stripped from the water.

The treated water will be collected at the bottom of the stripper. The free ammonia gasses leave the stripping tower at the top.

QUALITY WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS is glad to share that this Ammonia Stripper is successfully commissioned at one of the petrochemical industries here in Chennai where an efficiency of more than 80% is achieved, thus reducing Ammonia in RO Feed.

These systems are suitable for high level of Free Ammonia in effluent generated from industries such as petrochemical, petroleum, fertilizers, chemical industries, etc.

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