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Moving Bed Bio Reactor - MBBR

Latest in its line, the MBBR is the most reliable Extended Aeration Process.

The MBBR media installed in the aeration tanks helps in

1. Increasing Surface area thus reducing volume of aeration tank when compared to extended aeration  and

2. Increasing microbial population and it acts as a medium for colony development in the aeration tank.

Our MBBR type STP comes with the options of 

1. Air-blower / Submersible Jet aeration.

2. Secondary Clarifier / Tubesettlers.

Construction Types:

1. Above Ground / Underground with Civil Tanks

2. MS pre-fabricated Tanks

The plant can be fitted with (Optional)

1. UV sterilizer 

2. Ultra filtration plant

based on the treated water utilization.


1. Easy maintenance and Operation. 

2. Less investment cost. 

3. High Durability and efficiency.


MS Prefabricated Type MBBR STP

The Process tanks are made with Mild steel and coated with epoxy paint.  
1. Less Installation period.
2. Easy Maintenance and cleaning of tanks
2. Zero chance of leakage/percolation to ground/soil.


Our Jet Aeration System

We at QWMS tend to deliver the most convenient technologies to our client.

One such is the Jet aeration system for Sewage Treatment Plant. We provide submersible Jet aerator in place of  Air blower. 


1. Less Maintenance and easy handling.

2. Noise Free.

3. Continuous duty, no need of frequent change over. 

4. High OTR efficiency.

MBBR: Services
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