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Primary Treatment

An effective ETP has a proper primary Treatment which eliminates the physical contaminant from the Effluent and helps it suitable for further processing.

Range of  Equipment offered

  • Oil Skimmers

  • Coagulation and Flocculation Tanks, Flash Mixers, Tube Settler/ Clarifier etc.

  • Lamellar Decanter

  • Inclined Plate Settler

ETP: Services

Oil Skimmers/Oil Water Separators

Suitable for Oil removal

Oil Skimmer

These help in removing the floating oil present in the Raw effluent. We provide various types of Oil skimmer such as Belt/Tube/Disc etc.,

Oil Water Separators

 Oil Water Separators are specially designed  to address the oil both floating and emulsified that is present in the Raw effluent. 

Oil water separator is package system with specialized media called coalescing media that helps in separation of oil.


Secondary Treatment

The secondary treatment is implied when there is a need to address any bilogical contaminants present in the Raw Effluent,

Range of  Equipment offered

Diffuser Membranes

Submerged Aeration

Membrane Bio Reactor

Dissolved Air Floatation

ETP: Services

Diffused Aeration system

For all aerobic Treatment

Diffuser membranes help in providing fine bubble air through the water enabling to achieve high OTR - Oxygen Transfer Rate. 

These can be categorized by shape as

1. Disc Diffuser

2. Tubular Diffuser

and with bubble size as 

1. Fine bubble 

2. Coarse bubble.

QWMS provides suitable DAG - Diffused Aeration Grid required to any aerobic treatment. Our DAG are sturdy with options of fixed/retrievable arrangements. 


Tertiary Treatment

Range of  Equipment offered

Reverse Osmosis

Ultra Filtration

Nano Filtration

ETP: Services


When it comes to fine tuning your treated effluent go for UF

UF- Ultrafiltration helps in removal of TSS and turbidity present in the water at a level of <0.1 micron.

It also removes microbial contamination that may be present in the water.

It also helps in increasing the life of RO membrane when used prior to TO plant.

Type of membrane: In to Out/ Out to In 

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