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Introducing OWC - Organic Waste Composter

QWMS is pleased to offer its clients the newest Solid Waste Management Systems - OWC -Organic Waste Composter.

As part of our ongoing efforts in Total Water Management, we have been focusing on Solid Waste Management, which is a significant concern due to its contribution to leachate production and consequent water contamination.

Within our Solid Waste Management Services, we provide Secure Landfill projects. Additionally, recognizing the current demand for decentralized waste processing at the source, we are exploring Organic Solid Waste Management Systems.

After conducting various research and studies, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with M/s. Solwearth Ecotech Private Limited, a manufacturer of Organic Waste Composter. This compact device can convert organic waste into organic soil without requiring curing or additional bio cultures.

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